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November, 2017:

Make a Difference highlights positive volunteer opportunities and efforts within Montgomery County. Program airs on Comcast/RCN 6, Verizon 30 the following times: Sun – (2:30pm, 6:30pm) | Mon – (10:30am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm) | Tues – (2:45am, 11:15am) | Sat – (5:15pm)


October, 2017:      

from The Huffington Post, October 16, 2017:

On World Food Day, Take Action Against Hunger


Silent Guest Campaign for  South Sudan, from the World Food Program’s Website 

 “How a Group of KindWorkers Joined Hands

to Feed South Sudan”




September, 2017:      Inspiration Day, from The Potomac Almanac


Refugee Storytelling Highlights

‘Inspiration Day’ in Potomac




August, 2017:

Click Here To Enjoy Our Past Year’s Highlights Video


July, 2017:

KindWorks’ Refugee Support Projects, from the International Rescue Committee’s July 11, 2017 Newsletter:



KindWorks’ Refugee Support Program, from WAMU story

about the changing policy on refugee immigration